The rules cover a number of issues:

  • the union’s aims and objectives, including:
    • organising and representing people employed in providing services to the public whether in the public, private or voluntary sectors,
    • improving pay and conditions,
    • protecting the rights of members and ensuring they are treated with equality,
    • promoting trade unionism,
    • promoting and protecting public services;
  • members’ rights and responsibilities;
  • membership benefits including death benefit, accident benefit, fatal accident benefit; education and training grants, welfare benefits;
  • organisation, structure and democracy;
  • subscriptions and finance;
  • political funds;
  • legal assistance.

Access the latest rule book

The latest version of the UNSION rule book is automatically sent to all branches and is available in print (order the rule book from the UNISON shop) and online (download a PDF copy of the rule book from our website).