Terms of Use and Data Protection Information

Data Processing

To enable us to provide this service to you we will sometimes need to transfer your data to our suppliers and on occasions our suppliers may need to provide your data to us /we may request your data from our suppliers. We will only do this when you make an enquiry to use this service/want to set up an account or place an order with one of our suppliers. The purpose of this is to enable validation of branch contact information and assist with monitoring and developing the service.

Data that may be transferred to our suppliers will be limited to the following data:

  • Branch name
  • Branch number
  • Your branch officer role
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Branch address

Please ensure the contact details you provide to us and our suppliers match your information recorded on RMS and you only provide us with your branch email address and contract details and not your private contact details.

Branch Validation

Before a branch will be able to place an order with our suppliers we will need to validate the contact information you provide to us against your branch record on RMS.

There are two ways that branch validation and transfer of your data may take place:

  1. Where you submit a request to us to access a supplier arrangement we will validate your information against your branch record and then pass this on to the supplier so that they can contact you to set up an account/discuss your requirements.
  2. Where you make direct contact with a supplier, before an order can be accepted the supplier must check with us to validate the branch, they will provide the fields of information stated above.

Once we have provided the introduction to a supplier we will not be involved in the contractual relationship between your branch and the supplier. Any other data required by the supplier to provide the service to you will be provided directly by you. You will need to contact the supplier regarding any queries relating to this, but please contact us if you need support in any matter.

Our suppliers may send out their marketing information to you once they have been provided with your details /become a customer. You can opt by informing the supplier directly of your marketing preferences. Each of our suppliers have their own privacy policy which can be found below:






Terms of Use

In using the procurement service, you agree to the above data processing.

Any order between a branch and a supplier is a contract between those parties. Any issues relating to your order should be raised directly with the supplier. If you need to escalate an issue, please contact us.

Branches must ensure they pay invoices/payments due by payment deadlines. Late payments may incur late payment fees stipulated by the individual supplier.

UNISON will not underwrite branch payments if the branch fails to pay a supplier.