When you are at an event or looking to grow the number of UNISON members in your workplace it can be difficult to move from the conversation about membership to registering that person. EasyJoiner is available on all devices connected to the internet (your smart phone, laptop, tablet, and desktop) and doesn't require you to download anything in advance.

How does EasyJoiner work?

EasyJoiner works in three quick and simple steps...

  1. Go to easy.unison.org.uk/login.
  2. Login with your email address and wait for your unique link.
  3. Begin recruiting - ask the people that you've been talking to about joining UNISON to enter their name and email address into the form. We'll get in touch to ask them to do the rest.

QR Code posters

Are you looking for a way to share the benefits of joining UNISON, and a simple way of joining, with other people in your workplace? The QR code posters have been designed to be used in locations that are difficult to access or you might not be all the time. Request up to 5 QR codes to use in one of 3 templates.

Step 1: Request up to 5 QR codes via this short form to add to recruitment posters
Step 2: Get the codes sent to your inbox + add them to the poster template
Step 3: Print your posters and place them in prime locations across the work place.

QR Code request form.jpg

Get started with EasyJoiner

Are you regularly talking to people about joining UNISON? Go to EasyJoiner and save the link in your device bookmarks.

Request QR codes for your posters

Request up to 5 QR codes to add to recruitment posters in your workplace. The templated posters show the benefits of joining UNISON, while the QR codes give a quick link for people to join online.