What are the benefits?

  • Branches can update members' personal, employment and subscription information.
  • Keep members including activists up-to-date with local information using WARMS communication service. WARMS takes into account member mailing preferences so you comply with GDPR.
  • Run Standard reports to help organise in Employer(s) and Workplace(s), by mapping membership effectively.
  • Create and maintain Committees within the branch.
  • Centralised database to ensure members' data is secure and updates in WARMS or by Regional staff are recorded in real-time.
  • No additional software required
  • WARMS Help area for assistance and access to a 24/7 searchable Help Documentation repository
  • Training is via e-Learning with each completed module unlocking additional access. You can learn WARMS at your own pace.


Go to MyUNISON to start using WARMS today.

If you don't yet have access to WARMS contact your regional membership team.